Otte Polo Group

The Otte Polo Group is a diverse portfolio of companies serving customers nationwide in the IT support and computer repair; call center and answering service; fulfillment & direct mail, real estate and property management industries. Founded by George Otte, Miami businessman, the Otte Polo Group is headquartered in South Florida with additional U.S. offices in Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Maryland. The Otte Polo Group also has offices abroad in Managua, Nicaragua, Medellin, Colombia and Lima, Peru.

Portfolio companies include Geeks on Site, Responsive Call Center, Phase V Fulfillment and Otte Real Estate.

Geeks on Site Computer Repair and IT Support

CEO George Otte was no stranger to tech support when he acquired Geeks on Site in 2006. He founded his first computer repair and support company called Tech Support Services while still in enrolled full time in university. By 2005, he had built a network of more than 100 clients.

A born entrepreneur, Otte turned Geeks on Site into one of the fastest growing computer repair companies in the industry. Geeks on Site was an early pioneer of remote online computer repair services, a quick, cost-effective consumer and business IT solution. Geeks on Site offers remote PC repair, as well as on-site PC and MAC repair; IT support, networking, server installation and maintenance; security, malware, virus and adware removal; hardware and software installation and support; and printer, scanner, and smartphone support. The company provides local tech service to more than 150 metro areas in the United States.

Responsive Call Center: Professional Communications Solutions

As a logical offshoot of George Otte’s dedication to customer service, he founded Responsive Call Center in 2012. Responsive Call Center provides professional communications solutions to a variety of industries, including healthcare, legal, transportation, construction, real estate and property management, charity, leisure and travel, funeral, financial, energy and utility and government entities. Responsive Call Center currently has a network of six independent businesses in nine facilities throughout the United States and Latin America. Responsive Call Center provides a wide range of customized services to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Responsive Call Center service options include inbound, outbound call management services as well as business process outsourcing.

Phase V Fulfillment: Fulfillment, Direct Mail and Contact Center Services

George Otte acquired Phase V in 2013. The company had been in business since the 1980s. George implemented cutting-edge technologies that provide a lineup of services and products to meet any company’s fulfillment needs. Phase V provides customized solutions, whether it’s a large international, multi-lingual project or small-business startup. Services include fulfillment, order management, inventory management, warehousing services, shipping and carrier management, e-commerce integration customer management and other value added logistics services.

Otte Real Estate

George Otte founded Otte Real Estate in 2015. As a privately-held firm, Otte Real Estate specializes in domestic and international commercial and residential investments. The firm’s mission is to pursue core, opportunistic and value-added investments. Established in the United States and Colombia, Otte Real Estate is committed building ongoing tenant, investor and business associate residential and commercial real estate relationships.

George Otte, Otte Polo Group founder, has a bachelor’s degree in business management and holds a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Certification. Despite achieving several high-profile business successes before his 35th birthday, Otte is not one to sit back and rest. George is a “hands-on” manager of hundreds of employees in four countries and continues to look for new ways to innovate and grow his existing businesses, as well as opportunities to enter new industries.