Geeks On Site

Geeks on Site is a full-service computer repair and information technology support company based in South Florida. Geeks on Site was an early online remote computer repair pioneer and one of the first companies to offer remote services to customers. Founded by George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, the company provides customers with innovative, safe and convenient PC repair options. Also offering on-site, in-home personal and business PC and IT support, Geeks on Site is one of the fastest growing companies in the computer repair industry.

On-Site or Remote Computer Repair Service

When George Otte acquired Geeks on Site, he brought an experienced and highly qualified technical team together to meet customers’ needs. Technicians handling support have a minimum of three years support and repair experience. They are also industry certified, with certifications from Cisco, Microsoft and CompTIA. When customers contact Geeks on Site, trained customer service representatives ask questions and obtain information before assigning the problem to the most qualified expert technician.

Service options include an hourly rate, flat fee, monthly subscriptions and block rates. On-site services cover both PCs and MAC computers.

The Geeks on Site remote or virtual computer repair service provides business and home users with a quick and affordable way to analyze problems and make repairs. The technician works on the user’s computer from a remote location, using encrypted connections to ensure data security. Customers are in complete control and may terminate a session at any time. Remote repair can be done on any PC with an internet connection.

Geeks on Site also offers on-site services. A qualified technician is sent to the customer’s location, often the same day. Support sessions typically take one to two hours, depending on the extent of the project.

Home Computer Repair Services

Home service, whether remote or on-site, covers a wide range of repairs and support assistance. Home services include:

  • Computer Data Recovery: Files, graphics and documents often fall victim to power surges, computer viruses and human error. The Geeks on Site data recovery service helps customers retrieve lost files, implement a backup system and prevent further file loss.
  • Laptop and Desktop Repair: Whether it’s playing games or contacting the family physician, laptops and computers have taken on an increasingly important role in people’s daily lives. When a computer stops functioning, it can be more than an inconvenience. The crew at Geeks on Site responds quickly to analyze and fix the problem, whether it’s remotely or at the customer’s location.
  • Wireless Network Installation and Support: Wireless networks can be confusing. They can also be insecure. The Geeks on Site home wireless network experts install, configure and secure both Windows and MAC operating system networks.
  • Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal: ¬†Hackers and virus developers are more and more sophisticated. Stealing personal information from a user’s computer leaves the victim susceptible to identity theft that can cost thousands of dollars to repair and countless hours of worry. The Geeks on Site virus, malware and spyware removal service eradicates vulnerabilities and provides tools to protect users from attacks. ¬†

Business Services from George Otte and the Geeks on Site Team

Businesses can’t afford computer downtime or data loss. Geeks on Site offers a robust range of business services to keep that from happening. The company offers reliable data backup solutions and repair services, whether the loss is caused by a spilled drink or hard-drive crash.

Small businesses often don’t have the resources to employ an in-house IT staff. Geeks on Site provides IT services, including system setup, repair and troubleshooting all at an affordable price. As a company’s IT partner, Geeks on Site gives small businesses the tools to compete with superior server installation that includes email programs, printing capabilities, file sharing and operating systems. Geeks on Site also offers wireless router security and setup as well as firewall configuration to ensure company data remains secure.

George Otte and the Geeks on Site Vision

Since launching Geeks on Site, George Otte has remained committed to giving computer users superior support whether it’s done in a home, at a business or remotely. Throughout the 2000s, George turned Geeks on Site into a premier coast-to-coast remote computer repair and tech support company. As owner of Geeks on Site, George ensures that the company stays current with cutting-edge advances and provides friendly and professional computer repair and IT support. George’s vision is keenly felt throughout the company and is shared by each member of the Geeks on Site team.