Responsive Call Center

George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, is the owner and CEO of Responsive Call Center, a reliable call center and answering service that meets the communication needs of a variety of professionals and industries. Industries served include healthcare, financial, leisure and travel, transportation, real estate and property management, energy and utilities, government, charitable organizations, funeral homes, legal and construction. Service centers are located in Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee  and South Carolina. Local offices welcome in-person visits by appointment. Responsive also has nearshore locations in Nicaragua and Peru.

Responsive Call Center is not limited to serving only local areas, however. Through the use of advanced communication technologies, Responsive Call Center meets the needs of any company in the United States, regardless of location.

George Otte and the Responsive Call Center Team

George Otte is an entrepreneur who started his first business when he was still a full-time college student. By the time he graduated, he had a successful computer repair business with satisfied clients. He realized the importance of superior customer service and noticed a lack of resources available to small businesses. With that in mind, he founded Responsive Call Center in 2012. To ensure customer satisfaction, George put together a team of highly trained individuals who possessed the technological and people skills required. The company also developed advanced in-house software that informs operators about individual company protocols and requirements the second calls come in. In addition, Responsive Call Center utilizes the highest quality assurance and customer service satisfaction standards to monitor operator effectiveness.

Responsive Call Center: A Cost-Effective Solution

Response Call Center integrates seamlessly into a company’s daily operations, whether the business is sole proprietorship or large corporation. Each operator is a trained professional  with company knowledge and information at their fingertips. Committed to superior customer service, Responsive Call Center provides 24/7 customer support at a fraction of the cost of hiring staff.

Responsive Call Center Solutions for the Health Care and Legal Industries

Responsive Call Center provides a host of virtual communications solutions to serve the needs of any business. Health care and medical professionals, including physician and clinical offices, often receive calls in the middle of the night and Responsive has the expertise to appropriately handle each call.

Responsive Call Center is compliant with HIPAA, FACTA and COPPA customer privacy and data protection laws. All callers are treated with the utmost respect, compassion and, based on predetermined specifications, handled promptly and properly.

Busy attorneys and legal offices also benefit from 24/7 call center support. Operators are hired based on academic backgrounds and then trained to ensure professionalism when answering caller questions. Constantly supervised to maintain the highest quality standards, operators provide seamless, confidential legal answering services.

Customized Solutions from Responsive Call Center

Responsive Call Center provides customized solutions to meet the needs of almost any industry. Here are just a few examples of the unique offerings provided by Responsive Call Center:

  • Real Estate Call Center and Answering Services: Real estate agents get plenty of calls. Agents can cut costs, improve the bottom line and save time with Responsive. Professional Realtor services include not only taking and screening calls, but making outbound calls as well. Operators can inform callers about properties for sale, open houses, make appointments and provide driving directions. Potential buyers and sellers are kept informed, increasing sales. Services are customized to meet the individual agent’s needs.
  • Transportation Industry Call Center and Answering Services: Responsive Call Center provides transportation industry solutions in a number of different ways. Answering services are available 24/7, providing callers with prompt and accurate information. In addition, Responsive can take orders, host 3-way phone calls and dispatch goods. Available services include information collection, date scheduling, providing pricing and rate information, driver reminders, refund and credit management and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Construction Business Call Center and Answering Services: Those in the construction business know that construction sites are loud, busy and not conducive to efficient phone call communication. Unfortunately, if potential customers cannot reach a construction professional on the phone, they may look elsewhere. Responsive meets the communications needs of construction companies by providing a live, 24/7 response team. Using the company brand name, Responsive provides accurate, predetermined scripts and information. Additional service add-ins include dispatching workers and calling suppliers. Customizable plans and packages are available to fit any budget.

Responsive Call Center also provides call center support for energy and utility companies, government offices, charitable organizations, personal services and funeral home industries. Operators open each call with personalized salutations using the company name or brand and treat each caller with the utmost care.